Turning point

Netflix has launched this great series called Turning Point describing how US foreign policy has changed after 9.11.

I feel it is rather important to stress that everybody feels the dynamics of such flows.

It is an important lesson to learn not let our emotions hijacking us when difficulties arise. This is something I need to work on in personal life and professionally.

I was moved to tears when I saw all the bodies after the towers fell.

The other lesson to learn is holding on to one’s principles can be very difficult emotionally. Just like all the lawyers which insist torturing is wrong even for Taliban prisoners.

Recently I lost another close friend of mine. I knew him for 11 years. It is a great personal loss. Yet knowing that somewhere in the world there is this gentle soul existing and trying to make this world a better place is comforting.

What strikes me is how one of the soldiers talked about the experiences of going home. He said he did not understand when his team captain told him the hardest thing to do is about going home. He did not realize how much he had changed over the years. Now I understand this.

Ever since the end of my PhD, I have been struggling with going home and settling down in China. The harsh reality is how difficult it is to resettle in China after 8 years in Europe.